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Mask Galleries

Waxing Moon Masks

Created in collaboration between a professional mask maker and a decade-old performance company dedicated to bringing joy through Commedia Dell'Arte, "Reimagining Commedia" presents theatre makers who have a passion for ferocious play and masked theatre a chance to enter the work of devising for a better world. This work utilizes somatic embodiment, clarified archetypes, & emphasis on identifying and communicating power dynamics for this equity-centered form of stylized play, featuring NEW MASKS!

Reimagining Commedia Dell'Arte Gallery



Emotion Masks: 
Made in Baltimore

Essential to the actor's work is self expression, and knowing your own body.  Emotion masks have become a primary tool for archetypal embodiment research, using physical research to articulate the actor's own creative path.  What you want to make matters, and emotion masks bring the best of physical theatre techniques to inform and serve your agency.


Neutral Masks

Neutral masks for play in the Lecoq masked territory work known as "neutral mask".  We know that there is no such thing as a neutral face, but covering one's face for neutral exploration can be very useful.  We created these masks with simplified shapes and directionality to focus the actor work on presence, rhythm and gesture.  They are made for movement! Priced to be sold independently, or as a set of 6, these masks are made of neoprene and have wire boning to help them maintain shape.  

Design & Process

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